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An Evening of Seattle History: Booze, Boats, Bullets

Back by popular demand, we are continuing our class series, "An Evening of Seattle History", into January!

"Fresh from the rampant alcoholism on the frontier a newly dry and progressivish Seattle struggles with its proclivity for heavy drinking, a thousand miles of impossible to patrol coastline, trigger happy coast guard captains and a neighbor to the north quite happy to play the enabler. 

After half a decade of above board illegal activities the cities play nice teetotaling kingpin gets in hot water, some shady characters from out of town shake up the Sound with some pretty gruesome murders and it just gets hard and harder to get a drink.  Come enjoy the privilege of a beer and learn about the not so widely known history of Prohibition on the Puget Sound."

With a sweeping cascade of information and a tidal wave of context, local rowboat based tour guide and amateur historian, Jordan Hannsen will enlighten Seattleites with a primer on this city's all too short and often overlooked history, shedding necessary light on what it took to make Seattle.

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