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Ikigai Workshop: Finding Purpose, On Purpose

Ikigai is a Japanese term formed by two Japanese characters: "iki" meaning "life" and "kai/gai" meaning "value." The english translation is "life meaning" or "your purpose." Everyone has an ikigai, but we often neglect to take the time to ask ourselves the right questions to reveal it. Although western interpretations often associate ikigai with a job or work, ikigai can simply be the purpose that brings you joy and gets you out of the bed in the morning.

This 2.5 hour workshop will highlight the key elements of ikigai and empower you with a framework to begin your ikigai discovery process. Participants will leave energized with a more intentional focus on alignment between purpose and actions.

Workshop includes a happy hour to engage with others on their ikigai journey.

Ikigai Workshop + Happy Hour = $80. But Foundation has a special discount deal as well, use the code “Foundation” and tickets are just $40 one and $60 for two.

Life happens when we're busy making other plans is a saying that illustrates the disconnect between our desire for purpose and investing the necessary time to reveal it. Start your ikigai journey and find purpose, on purpose!

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