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An Evening of Seattle History: The Volunteers of Volunteer Park

Back by popular demand, we are launching our standalone class, "An Evening of Seattle History", into a new monthly series for the first Friday of each month!

With a sweeping cascade of information and a tidal wave of context, local rowboat based tour guide and amateur historian, Jordan Hanssen will enlighten Seattleites with a primer on this city's all too short and often overlooked history, shedding necessary light on what it took to make Seattle.

"War statues, cannons and memorials to the Spanish-American War hide in plane sight throughout Seattle and the Puget Sound. It was a conflict with global reach and even farther reaching consequences as a young nation emerging from its frontier days grappled with the responsibility of power on an international scale and just what it meant to be American.

From this war we gained colonies, dealt with foreign insurrection and played with the idea of policing the world. In it we find the origins of the United States Filipino population, Cuban independence, and our territories from Puerto Rico to Guam.

However, you feel about any of it its importance can't be denied. Know about it or not you likely have a connection to it and Seattle, a strategic shipping center flush in the middle of a gold rush was caught in the middle. Come learn who the volunteers in volunteer park and how it resonates thought today."