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Real Talk: Sex, Relationships, and Dating in 2018

  • 931 11th Avenue East Seattle, WA, 98102 United States (map)


Real Talk: Sex, Relationships, & Dating in 2018

The world is messy. The complexity is real.

How do we romance during such turbulent times?

One word: skillfully

The traditional heteronormative relationship structure is just one of many. We date using phones. Half the country believes in gender equality; the other half thinks men should be head of household.  #MeToo brought sexual abuse out into the open. Masculinity is f******. Gender is… Real? Not real? Fluid? What about sexuality? This is a lot.

We believe that the beauty of today is we get to set the terms for our relationships. So much is possible. The only problem is we need A+ emotional and relational skills to pull it off. In this course we’ll practice the relationship skills they didn’t teach you in elementary school so you can create the love of tomorrow.


In this three session series we’ll cover… (PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, THIS TICKET INCLUDES 3 SESSIONS--12/4, 12/11, and 12/18)

Session 1: Listening to Yourself and Others

Session 2: Setting Boundaries // Communicating Needs

Session 3: Saying and Receiving NO

Alongside these sessions you’ll get a curated folder of articles, journal prompts, and other media related to the topic. Read as much or as little as you want. All is fodder for our in person Real Talk time together.



The world is at a breaking point and we need modern emotional/relational tools and real conversations to shift from surviving to thriving.

Real Talk is a brand new monthly series that will prepare you take on the issues with grace, skill, and not-so-subtle badassery.

The Concept:

Learn emotional, relational, and communication skills needed to engage with socially and politically relevant topics.

3 weeks + 3 sessions +3 skills + 1 topic = REAL TALK. Throw in a content expert, an emotional educator, and a bunch of curious humans, and we’ll call it a party.

Each month a different content expert will join us to tackle a specific topic. We’ll learn about the issue, unpack it with each other, and practice the relational skills we need to take it on. Put on your sparkle warrior pants and join the fun.



ADA Accessibility: We regret that our venue is not ADA accessible. We thank you for bearing with us and are looking for a space conducive to real talk and all bodies. Please let us know if you know of space that fits the bill.

Trauma: We recognize that this topic may bring up traumatic experiences. While we will create a strong container to hold vulnerable conversation, neither of the facilitators are licensed therapists and we do not have the skills to work with trauma. Please be sure you have the emotional support you need to attend this event safely.

Connect with us: Have a topic you want to tackle? Let just know! This is about skilling up as a community. Help us serve you!



Content Expert BIO:

Ryleigh is studied in intersectional feminism focusing on gender, sexuality, and race. His passion is to bring this view to help elevate his community for all by opening conversations around privilege and systemic oppression. He is a painter, poet, zine creator, and employee for KUOW on the day to day.

(Ryleigh is a mixed poc, millennial, queer, polyam, transmasculine person- he brings this lense to the conversation.)

Emotional Educator BIO:

Mieka is a somatic coach, educator, and a real-live-human located in Seattle. She blends neurobiology, somatic psychology, experiential learning, and a social impact background to help people create the world they want to see. She is passionate about building a more just world from the inside out and outside in.

(Mieka is a white, millennial, queer, cis woman - she brings this lense to the conversation.)