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An Evening of Seattle History: Bad Traffic and Terrible Dating

You voted, and now comes our first rendition of An Evening of Seattle History "Bad Traffic and Terrible Dating"! Led by our own local Jordan Hanssen, get ready for a fun night of learning about our own backyard!

With a sweeping cascade of information and a tidal wave of context, local rowboat based tour guide, erstwhile adventurer, writer and amateur historian, Jordan will enlighten Seattle denizens from Amazonian to Mossback with a primer on this city’s all too short and often overlooked history to shed some perspective on what it took to make a Seattle.

Starting with the recession of the glaciers and ending with the opening of the Ballard Locks we will cover how the landscape shaped the people and in turn the people shaped the landscape.

Along the way we will visit how deadly pioneer industry lead to low morals, a vice district so bad its name was exported, a ship load of mail order brides, a fire (possibly started by a drunk) that burned downtown to the ground and a gold rush 1000 miles away that saved the city.

A big thank you to our media partner, The Evergrey, for being an amazing resource in making Seattle a stronger community.