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Art of the Side Hustle: how to make a living doing what you love

Let’s face it—we’re all affected by Seattle’s rising cost of living and competitive job market. In an age where full-time work can be dog-eat-dog or downright uninspiring, there is a better way. 

The secret weapon for the broke and bored, the side hustle can help advance your career, bring in some extra cash, or even find you a place to live. It can serve as a creative outlet, promote work-life balance, or introduce you to a new friend. 

Come learn from pro-hustler, digital nomad and CEO, Karly Siroky, who spent the last 5 years traveling the world researching, practicing and mastering the art of part-time. Meet fellow hustlers, swap stories and discover the key to living (and working) the dream.  

A big thank you to our media partner, The Evergrey, for being an amazing resource in making Seattle a stronger community.