Founders are what we call our community members.

Founders are curious, adventurous, and love to learn.
Founders share ideas, listen to others, and create everything that we are as a community.
Founders aren’t afraid to fail, we embrace it—it's where we grow.
Founders love to goofily dance and vulnerably open up.
Founders work to create a better world and impact those around them in beautiful ways.
We love to laugh, we love to have a good time—we simply love.

And as a community we work to celebrate each and every Founder!!

We ask three simple questions: What is your life story snapshot? What is one of your passions, and why? And, what is one new thing you're curious to learn, and why?

We’d like you to join us as well! To start, meet a few of us Founders.

My life story snapshot is... I grew up in the midwest, which was so great I joined the Navy to get out. After 10 years in Kitsap, I’m proud to be a Seattle resident.

I’m passionate about... Meeting and connecting with great people. I love working with non-profits, especially in education, social justice, and income inequality.

I’m curious to learn... I’d love to learn sign language. I could also use kitchen skills, like how to handle a knife or improvise meals from what I’ve got on hand.
— Meet a Founder: Jason