Founders are what we call our community members.

Founders are curious, adventurous, and love to learn.
Founders share ideas, listen to others, and create everything that we are as a community.
Founders aren’t afraid to fail, we embrace it—it's where we grow.
Founders love to goofily dance and vulnerably open up.
Founders work to create a better world and impact those around them in beautiful ways.
We love to laugh, we love to have a good time—we simply love.

And as a community we work to celebrate each and every Founder!!

We ask three simple questions: What is your life story snapshot? What is one of your passions, and why? And, what is one new thing you're curious to learn, and why?

We’d like you to join us as well! To start, meet a few of us Founders.


meet a founder - jason


My life story snapshot is... "I grew up in the midwest, which was so great I joined the Navy to get out. After 10 years in Kitsap, I'm proud to be a Seattle resident."
I'm passionate about... "Meeting and connecting with great people. I love working with non-profits, especially in education, social justice, and income inequality."
I'm curious to learn... "I'd love to learn sign language. I could also use kitchen skills, like how to handle a knife or improvise meals from what I've got on hand."


meet a founder - tori


My life story snapshot is... "A rare bird who was hatched in the Midwest but learned to fly abroad, and who recently migrated from the East Coast to the West Coast."
I'm passionate about... "A deep and abiding passion is book collecting. It's a noble indulgence I almost never deny myself, and my library is always growing."
I'm curious to learn... "I have always wanted to learn how to juggle, and I believe the time has come to finally master the art!"


meet a founder - naomi


My life story snapshot is... "Constantly chasing adventures and new experiences that help me to grow, learn, and have fun."
I'm passionate about... "Travel! I love seeking out new cultures, customs, sights, experiences, and food."
I'm curious to learn... "It's always changing, so tough to pick just one. Let's say kendo today. I have a great respect for the art."


meet a founder - karly


My life story snapshot is... "Bought an RV, left the cube farm and founded a company incubating brands committed to social and environmental good."
I'm passionate about... "Guiding others in exploring their true calling—the world is a better place when we do what we love."
I'm curious to learn... "Flying—the ultimate challenge for my restless brain. My dad is a pilot and entrepreneur, and I want to be like him when I grow up."


Meet a founder - david


My life story snapshot is... "Opened Pop-up restaurants & Coding Bootcamps. I enjoy growing & helping people grow. Grateful for my strong partner & our cantankerous dog."
I'm passionate about... "Sake! I began learning the mystery of Sake about 8 years ago after visiting a local shop here in Seattle, Sake Nomi. It blew my mind! GO!"
I'm curious to learn... "Right now I'm interested in learning more about reduction art. Stone sculpture or pottery."


Meet a Founder - Veronica


My life story snapshot is... "Chicagoan who found the East Coast oppressive moved to Seattle to breathe in the fresh air and experience the adventures it has to offer."
I'm passionate about... "Connecting people. It's beautiful! I make everyone feel comfortable even when they are outside their comfort zone. People = Happiness."
I'm curious to learn... "What it is like to raise a pet for the first time! How you rescue from reliable sources, training, care, and more. =^..^="


Meet a Founder - Khalid


My life story snapshot is... "Born and raised in Ethiopia and Kenya, migrated to America, and living life to the fullest."
I'm passionate about... "Meditation. The main drive of my life has always been knowing the truth about existence. "
I'm curious to learn... "How a group of entrepreneurs can work together to create new products and services that society needs."


Meet a founder - nourah


My life story snapshot is... "Nomad: Born in Somalialand, grew up in Tanzania, lived in California for 11 yrs prior to moving to Seattle - to pursue my life’s mission."
I'm passionate about... "Intersectional Feminism. Because we do not live single issue lives/struggles-- everything is connected."
I'm curious to learn... "Playing guitar like a pro. Because there’s so much joy and power in the art of making music. 💫"


meet a founder - darnell


My life story snapshot is... "Full of wonder and curiosity, born and raised in Hawaii, now Seattle resident by way of California."
I'm passionate about... "Cooking. Sharing a meal is one of the best ways to connect with people. I love cooking for people and listening to their stories."
I'm curious to learn... "Because my personal growth is important to me, I'm curious about everything and seek out new experiences to broaden my world views."


meet a founder - lenny


My life story snapshot is... "Tech nerd that moved from a small town on the East Coast of Canada to Seattle about a year ago."
I'm passionate about... "Music. I'm currently learning to play the drums, and I'm a firm believer that life needs a soundtrack - I've always got music playing!"
I'm curious to learn... "Hiking - it seems like everyone in the PNW enjoys it, but I've never been on a real one!"


Meet a founder - aaron (and nala)


My life story snapshot is... "CA native, CO is home. Came to Seattle 4 years ago to try something new. 98% extroverted, musically motivated, loyal dogfather, bad dancer."
I'm passionate about... "Language & all its different forms. Travel exposes me to some of the different ways humans communicate and its nuances always fascinate me."
I'm curious to learn... "A new instrument and maybe some better dance moves."


meet a founder - jeanette


My life story snapshot is... "WA native - with a three year stay in Austin. Always on the hunt for the best Old Fashioned, a great cup of coffee and my next adventure."
I'm passionate about... "Learning - always learning something new and sharing experiences with my people."
I'm curious to learn... "I'd love to learn how to make yummy gluten free scones! One thing I have truly missed since going gluten free ten years ago."


Meet a founder - megan


My life story snapshot is... "Originally from North Carolina, my dog and I found our second home here in Seattle."
I'm passionate about... "Creating has always been my number one passion. Whether it be through design, art, music, or food; I always have a project going."
I'm curious to learn... "Everything plants! Identification, care, propagation, I want to learn it all!"


meet a founder - mario


My life story snapshot is... "Energetically social but downtempo, SF born-and-raised, Palestinian-American who moved to Seattle two years ago after 6 years in Abu Dhabi."
I'm passionate about... "Figuring out what makes people tick in order to understand them better, help them grow, and use those insights to grow myself."
I'm curious to learn... "Recent developments in space exploration and research while sitting under the stars! Do I really need a reason??"


meet the first founder - jordan


My life story snapshot is... "Conceived in Cabo, 3rd-generation Tacoman. A SLO Mustang, then a Husky. A gumbo-maker, brewer, burner, goofy dancer, and questionable gentleman."
I'm passionate about... "Food. Fond memories in the kitchen with my mother. A cooking show on the tv, learning her secrets, tasting everything, experimenting always."
I'm curious to learn... "Your story. I am fascinated by people, always having been naturally curious and drawn to understanding why people are the way they are."