Welcome to Foundation

"However, I continue to try and I continue, indefatigably, to reach out. There’s no way I can single-handedly save the world or, perhaps, even make a perceptible difference – but how ashamed I would be to let a day pass without making one more effort.”
   -Isaac Asimov

   All I can say to start, is thank you. I have so much gratitude for each of you. A year ago, Foundation's community concept was just a seed of an idea. And now, it is a small seedling ready to sprout, thanks to each and every one of you.

   I must vulnerably share, Foundation all started from my own periods of loneliness, depression, and wayward searching. Loneliness is one of those socially taboo topics that so many people experience, but few talk about. It is avoided for the sake of one’s own pride and the fear of being further ostracized – becoming a social pariah. But so many of us experience it, that it’s time we talked about it more openly. So I will start, as I work towards being more comfortable with my vulnerabilities and sharing my story.

   I have searched my whole life for meaning, purpose, and belonging. During many periods of this search, loneliness and depression consumed me. There were times where it was an accepted ceiling on my life and the isolation that came with it, felt like it would last forever. Most of this came from me not deeply connecting with my truest self, and because of that, I would have thought patterns that spiraled through self-loathing, self-pity, and the feeling that I simply wasn’t good enough for happiness and love.

   The beginning of moving beyond that – the real genesis of my path to self-compassion – began introspectively. Looking deep inside to understand myself. To admit the hard truths and realize the origins of the mistakes I had made. To discover and differentiate what was truly Jordan and what had simply been internalized from others’ opinions of who I am and what I should be. Redefining success and happiness in my own terms for the first time.

   Next was to accept myself, my gifts and my faults, and recognize that the good and bad things, the successes and failures, don’t define me, but are just part of life’s experiences and my own personal growth.

   And then finally to loving myself, in every way possible. There’s no reason to be ashamed, afraid, or insecure. We are all just humans, trying to make sense of the world and our own place in it. Real self-compassion and self-love, is probably the most important thing I have ever learned.

   This entire period of growth led to me truly opening up for the first time and letting people in, and subsequently having a profound insight into the purpose of human life. We are naturally social beings. We evolved to to be like this. Our ability to connect and love and the social systems that organically come from that, are at the core of what it means to be human and how we’ve found success throughout history. That is something special.

   From where I’m standing, the purpose of our lives is that—to connect and love. First with your realest self, then with others and the world around you.

   We live in an interesting time with lots of rapid changes happening around us. With all of these professional, social, and technological trends evolving constantly, it’s more important than ever that we remember that, and keep our perspectives towards what’s truly important.

   It’s not about being independent, proud, rich. It’s about being open, curious, loving. At Foundation, strength is defined by the courage to be honest and vulnerable. Being brave enough to break through comfort zones; and instead of pursuing wealth and convenience, we pursue growth, learning, and connection.

    I firmly believe that the way we change the world is to help everyone make five new friends. Five friends with completely different backgrounds and worldviews than one's own. That is how we can truly make this world a better place.

   When I think about Foundation and where I hope it will go—that is at its core. To bring more connection, more learning, more passion and celebration, and most importantly, more love, into all of our lives.

   For the coming months, we will be building out a series of experiences with community partners to offer a range of opportunities for learning new things, exploring passions and growth, and of course, connecting with new people. 

   Please join us for whatever experiences call out to you. I'm excited to have you on this journey with me and can’t wait to see what we create together.


Much love,

Jordan Lyon, First Founder

Jordan Lyon