In a time where most professional, social, and technological trends are causing individuals to lead more isolating lives, Foundation works to be a beacon of real community—to bring people together and build lasting relationships around the things we have in common, not the things that make us different.

We believe that the foundation for a thriving city is community. And the foundation for a deeply fulfilling life revolves around three things: learning and growth, purpose and impact, and connection and love, with that last one being most important.

Connecting with your deepest, most genuine self and practicing self-compassion. 
Connecting with your natural curiosities and passions, your impactful purpose, and the larger community and city around you. 
Connecting with others to build meaningful, supportive relationships, to collaborate and solve real world challenges, and to come together and create true belonging within a caring community.

That is Foundation. That is what we hope to provide for all who want to join our community movement.



To cultivate community, human connection, and the individual spirit.



To create a thriving community where Founders inspire, empower, and celebrate each other.



CURIOSITY - Embracing each of our unique curiosities to create a culture of lifelong learners. We celebrate and empower each Founder to pursue whatever naturally inspires their passions and interests.

OPENNESS - Deeply with the self and then having the courage to be vulnerable in front of others—allowing yourself to let go and be honest and open is at the core of being a Founder.

INCLUSIVE PARTICIPATION - The foundation of Foundation is empowerment. We believe that not only are all welcome, but all are necessary, and not just to show up, but to share their voice and perspective.

STEWARDSHIP - We believe in taking full accountability of ourselves, our impact on others, and the world around us. We see ourselves as stewards of all of our ideas, our experiences, and our collective community.

LOVE - The core of it all. Love as a perspective—how we see ourselves, others, everything. Practicing deep compassion and understanding towards our complexities, similarities, and differences of all human experience.


please email jordan@foundationcommunity.co with any questions or inquiries